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Welcome to My Portfolio

Here you can view samples of my academic and professional writing and my other work.

I will continue to add to my portfolio for the rest of the year. Most of my work in this online portfolio will be blog post with a link to a PDF where you can view the full article, essay, or design.

10/4/16 – I currently have two pieces in my online portfolio. One is an article entitled “The Importance of Outlander,” which was featured in The Sting student magazine and a feature article entitled “Two Spirits in Georgia” which covers an infamous true crime story that took place at the turn of the century.

10/18/16 – I have added a new online portfolio version of my “Two Floors of History” article re-imagined as a magazine article spread for say a local history magazine.

10/31/16- I have added several more entries to my online portfolio, including: a portfolio version of my academic paper turned article “June Cleaver Loses the Apron,” a version of my review of the new series Westworld’s pilot episode with some graphic design elements, and a series of videos describing the history of Henry VIII and his six wives.