Writing from Other Genres

Here you can view more of my writing from various genres, ranging from reviews of different television series, essays on films, writing, and literature, and more. Click on the links below to access each article. I have also included a brief description below to pique your interest.

The Importance of Outlander

This is a review of the pilot for the popular Starz series Outlander. This review was published in The Sting, a student magazine for Kennesaw State University.

Westworld Review

This is a review for the pilot episode of the new HBO series Westworld. If you haven’t seen this show, I high recommend it. It’s questions regarding what it means to be alive and human are fascinating.

American Horror Story Delivers Scares, Shocks, and Talent

This is a review and brief look at the FX original series American Horror Story. At the time this review was written only five seasons had been released, while the series is currently about to wrap its sixth season.

Women in Alfred Hitchcock’s Filmography

This little essay examines and destroys the recent belief that the women found in Alfred Hitchcock’s films are simple damsels and distress or one-dimensional sex objects. In this essay, I argue that his female characters are not misogynistic portrayals of helpless females, instead some of his films’ best and strongest characters are women. They are strong and fascinating because they triumph over the villain and survive much trauma.

The Meat of a Sentence

This brief article covers my opinion on the need for unique writing styles and how too many writers today lack that unique and memorable voice.

Using Languages and Writing Style to Convey a Character’s State of Mind

As the title states, this article is centered on how you can use various writing styles and word choice to convey one of your character’s state of mind in a novel. I hope aspiring novelists like myself will enjoy this article.